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About this site

  1. Why does this site exist?

    We want to better the exchange between TB patients and raise the awareness of TB in our community.

  2. For whom is this site?

    This site is for TB patients on treatment, former TB patients, doctors, health care workers and hospital staff who are directly in contact with TB. This site is as well for relatives of TB patients who have questions about TB or just want to exchange.

  3. Why should I become a member?

    As a member, you have access to the Forum and to the patient stories. You can comment on the stories and maybe contact us to publish your own story!

  4. Why is it important to talk about TB?

    TB is one of the infectious diseases that brings a stigma with it. When many people / patients talk about TB and show that TB not only exists among the poorest, we could change the scary face of TB inside our community. TB does not only have a weak face or a poor face, TB has many faces and many languages and can be found everywhere in the world. We want to show that cured TB can help people become strong.

  5. What do I think about the website?

  6. Who exactly has made this page?

    This page was made by a former patient from Germany. She has suffered from TB and was treated in isolation for a longer period of time. She was supported in building this page by other former patients from Europe and Australia.

  7. How can I share my TB experiences here?

    You can become a member and then log in to the forum so that you can exchange safely.

  8. Where can I get help in another language?

    Please have a look at our partners and friends websites, there you might find information in Romanian, Russian and other languages. We are planning to offer information in more languages shortly.

  9. Can I add something or offer help / support?

    Yes - we appreciate if you contact us. Maybe you could offer another language or information that we could present on our website.

    Please contact us in case that you want to see / find something on this website that doesn't exist yet.

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About TB

  1. What is TB?

    Please have a look at the TB Information page where you can find information about TB in different languages.

  2. What can I do when I am TB positive?

    This site should be NO MEDICAL ADVICE. Please go immediately to a lung specialist or another TB expert for an investigation.

  3. Can I read stories from other patients here?

    Yes just check the "patient stories" at this page! We would very much appreciate to read your own story here.

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