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Take That TB

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Many faces - Many fates - Many languages
One experience


Take That TB - This is a meeting area for patients of TB from patients of TB - for us from us.

TB can be a very isolating disease. Both because of the need for isolation of patients until their active disease is brought under control, and from the social stigma associated with it.

This website is made to break that cycle of isolation to give us access to others even in our most contagious phase.

It exists to give us a place to talk to people going through the same things, to talk about our difficulties, our successes, and to share with people who understand our fears. 

It is a platform for exchange of TB patients on treatment, former TB patients, hospital staff, HCW and doctors.

As a result of our exchange we want to make an ebook / book or journal with TB patient stories from as many countries as possible. We want to write this in our / your mother tongue (and English) to show that TB can be found worldwide and that TB has many faces and many languages!! It could as well embolden TB patients on treatment and show them that there is a life after TB which is very worth living!